Connelly continues to innovate, test, and experiment with new designs to improve the performance of watersports. We do so with a staff that has been dedicated to watersports and the Connelly brand for 20, 30 and even 40 years! The same passion that drove the company in 1965 is the same energy that drives it today. Our skis are hand built in USA with 50 years of research and development behind each and every ski. Experience DOES make a difference, and we weren’t born yesterday.

Numerous regional, national and world records have been set on our products. There are just too many to list. We have also had the privilege of some of the best pro athletes on our brand. Mike Hazelwood, Cindy Todd, Mike Kjellander, Helena Kjellander, Kristi Overton, Dave Reinhart and Zane Schwenk are just a few stand outs in a large family that has been associated and won on Connelly.