Everyone has a favorite festival... or five. You might love it for the art, culture, food, variety of music, people watching or celebrity sightings. Each festival has its own style that allows you to express yourself in a different way. Here are three looks, inspired by three different festivals and their backdrops.

Desert Dwelling:

Desert festivals can be epic but require you to layer up and down. Days can be brutally hot and nights bring in the wind chills. Dress in layers so you can beach freely and stay cool under the sun and cover up with the night falls. Pack clothes and shoes that make you feel light and free.

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City Sights:

Giving you the opportunity to jetset to your favorite city, take in the sights and be a tourist as well as a concert-goer. You can be casually cool because it's all about the music. Find new undiscovered talents and maybe even party with them backstage.

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Floral Frenzy:

Kick off your sandals and dance barefoot. Wear outfits that stand out or something blend in with your surroundings. You can be uniquely you. Embrace your favorite print that shows your personality.

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