When searching for a new pair of sunglasses, for me at least, it often comes down to a balancing act between a fashionable frame and a durable frame that I can wear out in the field biking, hiking and generally being active.

Sure, you might find a fashion-forward pair of glasses that you think makes you look great, but are you going to take those out on say, a cross-country mountain biking trip? Not likely.

Luckily, the fine folks over at VonZipper hope to have solved this with their new WildLife Polar line of sunglasses.

VonZipper sent along a pair of the Pinch ($150) sunglasses to me to test and simply told me that the WildLife Polar lenses were the most advanced polarized lenses they had ever created.

They told me that they should get rid of all haze and glare distortion and told me to have fun.

Well, I spent a little more than a week testing them in a Costa Rican rainforest and all of their claims seemed to check out.

Whether it was seeing through the foggy haze left after one of Costa Rica’s intense tropical storms rolled through the jungle or dealing with the blinding glare presented by clear skies and pounding midday summer sun, the Pinch glasses handled it all with ease.

My vision never felt distorted, and the colors of the jungle always looked vibrant.

But perhaps my favorite aspect of the sunglasses was just how durable they were despite their remarkably thin profile.

Constructed in a very traditional Italian style imbued with a modern flair, the glasses look good whether they’re paired with a business suit or boardshorts. But despite their minimalistic design, the glasses can take a beating.