Today started with a bang, ended with a whimper – but there’s always a winner. And in this case, that winner was Michel Bourez (7.53) over Kanoa Igarashi (6.17) in the final, which was also the lowest scoring heat of another very long day.
Here’s six reasons it was still rad: 

No one would’ve picked Michel Bourez over John John Florence in perfect Backdoor. Even fewer would’ve picked Kanoa Igarashi to beat Kelly Slater in perfect Backdoor. (In the dying seconds no less. By picking the only wave in a closeout set that had an exit. Kid’s got a good relationship with Backdoor for a kid.)
Also worth noting: Kanoa’s quarterfinal win got Zeke Lau on next year’s WCT -- and his semifinal win nailed the Vans Triple Crown for John John Florence. So the HB native is pretty popular in Hawaii right about now.